Monday, September 9, 2013

This and That

As a young child we moved into the house I grew up in and a neighborhood with no other children.  All the people who lived around us were older.  They all were wonderful neighbors.  Mrs. Werner across the street still had a pump outside her house to get water, that fascinated me.  I would go and visit with Mrs. Finnell and Mrs. Zach when they were outside in their yards.  Mrs. Ware always had Christmas cactus around her trees in the summer.  The Dooley’s lived right to the south and Ed and Virginia Hamilton down the street became very special to me.  It was a few years before there were others our age close by to spend time with.

At the house I lived in Hamburg my neighbors were limited because of the location, businesses in the area, and rentals so close by.  There were not many children around for a very long time.  Now in Omaha there are children two houses down on one side and next door on the other and I have seen some out back and many more out and about when I take the dog for a walk.  The ones who live close to us are very nice children.  They like Grace very much and always ask first if they can pet her.  It is a joy to hear them outside and watch them riding scooters down the hill.  It is nice to be able to watch the future right in front of you and hoping that the future they all have is full of wonder and joy.

I also have the hope they won’t feel cheated having two boring middle aged guys move in by them.  I enjoyed my older neighbors a great deal and hope I can be as good a neighbor to the children around me as all those who were to me.  They are all gone now but I can still remember.  We all can learn from one another and not just one certain group.  We just have to be  open to the experiences that are presented to us.

Paul Bennett, Board President

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