Sunday, October 6, 2013

Secretary Snippets

The Church Board was so busy winding down the summer season that we failed to gather for a meeting in September.  Though by means of a Church Mouse, it has been heard that the Popcorn Festival in Hamburg successfully earned funds for our coffers.  Lessons learned from this year’s experience include the fact that cookies don’t sell well, although water and pies do.  It was suggested to curtail the grilling of hotdogs in the hot weather, and replace them with something else, which slips my mind at the moment.  Also, to have on hand lots and lots of ice next time.

October brings to the fore preparations for a harvest gathering October 27th, which will include a hayride, along with other fun & games!  Watch for more details.

Remember that the Pastor will be absent on the 27th in order to celebrate his birthday with family. Paul Bennett will lead the service that day.  Thank you to Pastor Mel Hurst, who gave a thought provoking sermon in September when Pastor Blaine was with visiting relatives.  The situation of the comprised sound system crossed my mind during the message, as not a problem on that particular day.

Enjoy the beautiful weather!

Marcia Little, Board Secretary

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