Sunday, October 13, 2013

This and That

The other day one of the pastors at our church in Omaha talked to me about helping with the food drives during the year at church.  We talked about different things that all pertained to food banks and the great need there always seemed to be and somehow it was mentioned how nice it would be if someday the children of the world would have to be told what a food drive was and why they were done.  It would be so wonderful if we could work ourselves out of this mission and that there would never again be such a thing as hunger.  It is such a nice dream but one I don’t think we will see in our lifetime.  India is spending a lot of money on food for it’s people while some of the leaders in our country want to take food away from those who need it most.  Yes, I am sure there is some abuse of the system but there are also elderly children, and veterans that depend on food stamps in order to eat and feed their families.

It just seems to me if we can give big companies subsidy money when they make record profits and money to millionaires who don’t need it we can take care of those who are most in need.  I saw a little piece somewhere about how Joel Olsteen lives in a  $13 million dollar home.  So when he is asking people to send money to his ministry, where exactly is that money going? Just wondering?!?!

I sat outside this afternoon with several of my people at the apartments and had a really nice time.  we had perfect weather and chatted and did a lot of laughing.  It sometimes is simple things like this that are really very precious.

We are entering a lovely time of the year.  Fall can be so beautiful.  I love cool evenings with the windows open for good sleep but yet lovely warm days.  I enjoy the great colors that we can see.  I love how pumpkin flavored things start appearing everywhere.  I am sure there is some change of season everywhere to some extent but I can’t imagine living in one of those warm climates where it is sunny and warm all the time and miss out on autumn and even winter and the rebirth of spring every year.  It is nice to see God’s handiwork all year long.

Paul Bennett, Board President

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