Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Pastor’s Thoughts



Shakespeares,"Hark what light through yonder window breaks,' or Poes
"Quote, the raven never more. Sometimes a famous phrase sticks with us
all our lives, some of them are: Patrick Henry's " Give me liberty or
give me death," The Alamo or Lincoln's "Fourscore and seven years ago,"
F.D. R's"This day will live in infamy!" President Kennedy's, "Ask not
what your country  can do for  you, ask what you can do for your country."
*On a personal level a mother's words, "I love you, Blaine," or my
parents famous phrase, "Because I said so!"
*However no greater phrase rings more brilliant or resonates clearer
than "He Is Risen." As a Pastor, a Christian, an individual of faith,
"He is risen" expresses a hope and eternal assurance that makes each and
every day worth living.  "He is Risen" means that I too will one day
experience the ultimate reality that death is swallowed up in victory
and that I like Christ will receive a new spiritual body fit for life in
His Father's glorious Kingdom called Heaven.
For me, "He is Risen" is the greatest phrase ever spoken.
Pastor Blaine

Thursday, March 20, 2014

In the Bulb There Is a Flower

The most difficult step in growing spring flowering bulbs is remembering
to plant them in the fall.  Last October I did remember to plant some
tulip and daffodil bulbs in the church flower beds.
Spring flowers announce to me the *cold and snow of winter* is over and
spring is here.
I did borrow the title of this article from the popular hymn, Hymn of
Promise.  In 1985 Natalie Sleeth composed both the text and music to
Hymn of Promise. She wrote it at a time when she was *pondering the
ideas of life and death, spring and winter, Good Friday and Easter and
the whole reawaking of the world that happens every spring.*
This spring when tulips and daffodils greet me as I come to church, they
will not only say to me that winter is over and spring is here.  Because
of the Hymn of Promise these spring flowers will take on a much deeper
Spring bulbs planted in the Percival Church flower beds: TULIPS
DAFFODILS Golden Parade, Ice Follies,Big Smile Dutch Master,
King Alfred,  Blue Diamond and White Dream

Nancy Newlon


We will be taking photos of our beautiful blooms as they appear.  In the meantime, you can enjoy these…

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Sunday, March 16

Mike greeted us Sunday morning wearing the green. Thanks Mike for immediately putting a smile on our faces as we came in the door!

lpcp 1335

After the service we enjoyed some “green” snacks and fellowship!

lpcp 1337

I should have got a picture before we started eating but as you can see, we were all anxious to get to those delicious snacks!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Secretary Snippets

The new president of the Percival Community Church board, Lynn Handy,
has taken over the reins with aplomb, opening the latest meeting with
prayer in the most sincere manner.  Although the joviality and efforts
of the last president, Paul, will be missed, it is deemed that change
can bring invigorating fresh air.  Thank you to both men for their
participation in the governing process, which sometimes may be
burdensome, though brings guidance to the congregation.
*The Board has been discussing the subject of drilling a well, with many
weighing in by relating their own experiences.  Cost, longevity,
burnout, pumps, casings, water level, sand point, estimates and
potability are among the concerns.  It has been pretty much decided that
having a well would be a good idea, even if the water might not be
drinkable.  Action is being taken by Patty to gather some estimates on
the project.
*Did you have fun at the Valentine's Day fellowship at Valentino's?
Well, how about another celebration?  This month St. Patrick will be
looking over us, so in turn we shall have fun by bringing potluck snacks
(not snakes) in the shade of green to fellowship after the service on
Sunday the 16th.  A few games may be brought as well, such as played by
Mel and Nancy Hurst (which they love to share at parties and the name
slips my mind).
*The Board also considered the need for guidelines at food banks where
we donate; the issue being that as of now there seems to be a first come
first serve policy that doesn't sit well with us. This discussion will
continue as we learn more about the situation.
Get your garden gear in order.
                               Marcia Little, Secretary

Saturday, March 8, 2014

This and That

*I so enjoyed the Valentine's Day gathering and was so glad to see all
the people who took the time to gather together.  It was great seeing
all of you and was nice to enjoy a meal after a long week working. 
Whoever had the idea had a great one.
  *As we were leaving I mentioned to Dean Handy how we were now
Methodists up in Omaha.  I figured he may find it interesting since he
is so devoted to his Methodist church in Nebraska City.  I can't
remember his exact words but basically what he said as part of the
conversation was how we all should focus on what we have in common
instead of what makes us different.
  *A couple weeks ago the sermon our Pastor gave started out about her
telling us how she had a conference call meeting with the various other
Methodist churches in town and some leaders.  At the end she asked why
one of the employees at one of these other churches was going around
saying some not so nice things about our church.  She got a lot of "that
shouldn't be" and similar remarks. No that shouldn't be.
*I know there are some differences between different churches and yes
some beliefs differ a bit from church to church.  Basically though
aren't they all trying to do the same thing.  Aren't most churches
sharing the news of Jesus Christ and trying to help their fellow man as
best they can?
*If that is the case all churches should be encouraging and helpful to
all the other churches they deal with.  I think it is just another
little piece of getting to that Peace on Earth.
   Paul Bennett

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Pastor’s Thoughts

Violence seems to be the answer to problem solving in our society. If
someone*s music is too loud, or a bag of popcorn is thrown at you
because you were asked to quit texting in a movie theater, or a small
child is eating breakfast in her own home not knowing outside two groups
of youth are about to explode with bullets flying. From college
campuses, shopping malls and schools to the work place violence seems to
be the response of first choice for many individuals with pent up
frustrations, anger, anxiety and stress.
* Impulsive behavior is nothing new. Peter did so the arrest of Jesus in
the garden by taking a sword and cutting off the servants ear.  Each of
us has *leaped before we looked,* Scripture is clear however as
followers of Jesus we are called to lead lives of discipline, moderation
and maturity, always tempered with love and patience.
*However the world tempts us to behavior in undisciplined and ungodly
ways that is often reactive and promotes anger, hatred and revenge. As
Christians remember we *overcome evil with good,* and if someone slaps
us, we are to turn the other cheek. Returning violence with violence
will only promote more violence.
*Like the hymn we sing on Communion Sunday if there is to be peace let
each of us become peace makers and thru our words and actions
demonstrate love, respect, and understanding for every individual.

Pastor Blaine