Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Pastor’s Thoughts

Violence seems to be the answer to problem solving in our society. If
someone*s music is too loud, or a bag of popcorn is thrown at you
because you were asked to quit texting in a movie theater, or a small
child is eating breakfast in her own home not knowing outside two groups
of youth are about to explode with bullets flying. From college
campuses, shopping malls and schools to the work place violence seems to
be the response of first choice for many individuals with pent up
frustrations, anger, anxiety and stress.
* Impulsive behavior is nothing new. Peter did so the arrest of Jesus in
the garden by taking a sword and cutting off the servants ear.  Each of
us has *leaped before we looked,* Scripture is clear however as
followers of Jesus we are called to lead lives of discipline, moderation
and maturity, always tempered with love and patience.
*However the world tempts us to behavior in undisciplined and ungodly
ways that is often reactive and promotes anger, hatred and revenge. As
Christians remember we *overcome evil with good,* and if someone slaps
us, we are to turn the other cheek. Returning violence with violence
will only promote more violence.
*Like the hymn we sing on Communion Sunday if there is to be peace let
each of us become peace makers and thru our words and actions
demonstrate love, respect, and understanding for every individual.

Pastor Blaine

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