Sunday, April 6, 2014

Secretary Snippets

Nancy Newlon's observed in the last newsletter that spring isn't just a
season for yearly planting and flowering, but one of renewal of our
spirit.  Let's sweep out the cobwebs of old thoughts, tired feelings,
resentments, and rejuvenate our faith with clear thinking, fresh
prayers, and the sound of original ideas. We may be following traditions
established over time, however there is always something new around us
ad we grow, learn and see the changes in the world.
*This year, as we ready for the Easter season celebrations, there are
members of our congregation who have new jobs and horizons, studied near
and far, celebrated milestones, welcomed new babies into the family, and
so forth.  All these things color our thoughts and prayers in creative
ways.  As we attend Palm Sunday pancake breakfast and service, Maundy
Thursday dinner, and Easter service, what is there new in our hearts
that makes everything so bright and hopeful?
*At the beginning of April how about a group of us getting together to
help Phyllis Layman make May Baskets on the 6th after the morning
service.  Jan Zach will be directing the kitchen crew for the 8:30
pancake breakfast on Palm Sunday.  Paul will furnish palm branches for
the service.  Barb and Joan will bring wine for the Maundy Thursday
dinner at 7:00 p.m.on the 17th.  Also plan on Bible Study to take place
the first and fourth Sunday of April.  You might also notice attention
being given to the garden by Nancy and friends. Come join the activity!

        Marcia Little Board Secretary

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