Saturday, May 10, 2014

Pastor’s Thoughts

Spring is here!  Praise the Lord! I thoroughly enjoy the longer warmer days and, although my allergies are always an issue, the beauty of the flowers, trees and crops breaking forth from the ground create a song of praise to the Creator of the universe.

However on a more serious thought, addictions are prevalent in our society today.  Addictions can best be described as a habit forming behavior; that often alters life in a destructive way.  Addictions to drugs, prescription medication, alcohol, cigarettes, shopping, gambling, and even food.  These addictions can and often do produce destructive consequences to individuals, families, towns, communities and innocent others.

Have you ever considered some positive addictions that we as Christians should be engaged in?

Addictions to prayer- pray without ceasing.

Addictions to Worship- Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.

Addictions to giving- More blessed to give than to receive.

Addictions to serving- Be doers of the Word.

Addictions to Scripture- All Scripture is inspired by God.

Addictions to Christ- Crow in Christ likeness.

These Spiritual addictions have several outcomes; they’ll relieve stress, promote inner peace, create joy, encourage kindness, and will draw us ever nearer to our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.

Let’s get high on Jesus.

Pastor Blaine

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