Saturday, September 13, 2014

Grace and Thanks

Learning the language of Grace and Thanks
  Phillippians  4:8

A gift of teaching given away in service to others, our thanks to Mary
Zach for sharing her love of children by teaching  our church
Sunday School.
Write sticky notes --  What are you grateful for right now?
Make this a day, a week, a month of spending a little bit of time in
saying thank you to someone who blessed and influenced your life. Our
lives are tied together with the heart of both sad and happy memories,
the joy of special moments and the love that we have shared. There are
many verses that share what family and friends mean to each of us: 
Having a place to go is home.
                                  Having someone to love is family.
                                  Having both is a blessing.
So count your blessings. . . for everything give thanks.

Share with us and that special person your gift of thanks. Joan

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Popcorn Day


Here are just a few of the helpers working our stand on Popcorn Day.

I only managed to get 2 photos.  Everytime I would think about taking

a picture, we would get busy.


It was a gorgeous day!  We sold water, tea and lemonade,

whole pies, sliced pie, shredded pork

sandwiches, hot dogs and nachos.


Thank you to everyone that helped in any way, whether it was making food,

working the stand, hauling the supplies, or just praying for a great day!

  All was appreciated!

Thursday, September 4, 2014



  It is good to have a few words from Sunday*s sermon float through my
mind throughout the week.  Patience held my attention Sunday as Blaine
spoke of the fruits of the spirit.  And other words: love, joy, grace,
and forgiveness.  Though much of the details of the sermon have fallen
into the black whole of forgetfulness (not that the stories and messages
were unimportant and uninteresting, but my memory for sermons has always
been poor), happily particular words addressed recently from Galatians
stuck in my brain during the week, when many emotions and problems
pestered me.  Thank goodness.  It is tempting to fall back on other
words like anger, revenge, or spitefulness, but then the feelings and
issues get darker and spiral downward.  Thinking back to patience,
grace, joy and love, I sense light, hope and resolution (hugs, instead
of  *%&#).
* So, you might figure, after this digression (or sidebar),that not much
of importance happened during the past board meeting, though we did talk
a lot.  Jerry mentioned that the cost of the new well was reasonable,
and Lynn said it was a good job.  Yea!  Barb thought we had a good crew
at the Rodeo stand.  We discussed another congregational outing to El
Portal, though nothing was resolved as to a date.  Harvest time,
birthday celebration, who will be there, who will wear the famous
sombrero? etc.  The Popcorn Day menu was also subject of much quibbling
back and forth.  So there you have it.
* Super big thank you to all of the gardeners who have been sharing the
fruits of your labors!  It is such a gift, especially to those of us who
are not handy with the trowel, seed packet or other necessities. Such
delicious goodies!
             Marcia Little