Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pastor’s Thoughts

Autumn is a beautiful time of year.  God's creation begins to prepare
itself for rest.  The colors are magnificent; orange, red, yellow and
all hues in between.  Harvest begins and what was planted in Spring is
now stored in bins or taken to elevators and the soil will rest.  Even
animals are making preparations for the next season.
*Genesis reveals that when God finished His creation that on the seventh
day God rested.  If God rested from His labors how much more do we as
His people need to experience rest.  Many of us find rest in the reading
of a book, a hobby, a vacation, doing something out of the ordinary,
gardening, a short nap or even in a boat during a storm if you're the Lord.
*Jesus in Matthew 11:28 says, "If we're heavy laden I will give you
rest" and that you'll find rest for your souls."
* Psalm 37:7 states, " Rest in the Lord."
*The world turns in such a hectic and stressful pace, and if you're like
me, you are tired, weary and in need of rest. Some of it involves aging
and the process of getting older but with wars, conflict, floods,
earthquakes, diseases, assaults, violence, murders, child abuse,
homelessness, jobless, economic worries for many; I look forward to
periods of rest, both physically and spiritual. Rest is  a necessary
requirement in my life.
*If you are in need of "Rest" may you find the time and  experience the
"Rest" that comes with placing you life in
"Jesus Christ."

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