Thursday, December 4, 2014

Pastor’s Thoughts

We've all heard the expression she or he is getting into the "Christmas
Spirit." The house is decorated inside and out, the tree is up cookies
and candy made only once a year are baked or in the process, gifts are
being considered and purchased and there is levity and joyfulness on
people's expression that many times are absent the rest of the year.
*However this phase is often short lived and misconstrued.  What it
should really be interpreted is the "Spirit of Christ."  As Christians
the"Christmas Spirit" should be tuned around to be read and expressed as
the "Spirit of Christ."
*All to often we fail to see the human needs that exist in our world all
around us; and if we do, we pass by on the other side pretending not to
notice.  People and  families that are hurting, struggling, weary,
afraid, lonely, in pain and distress  we say "Merry Christmas" and seek
to do nothing or little about it, even in  small simple ways.  That's
not the "Christmas Spirit" and it's definitely not the "Spirit of
Christ."  The "Spirit of Christ" would act in giving and service to even
the least of these.  The "Spirit of Christ" would promote an action that
would involve the giving of time, effort, inconvenience, care and
concern to do good to and for others.
* As Christians we need more of the "Spirit" in our lives not just at
Christmas but throughout the year.
*So let us begin now, at this Season of Christmas 2014 to not only have
an authentic "Christmas Spirit" but more appropriately the "Spirit of
Christ" that will move us with love, compassion, kindness to radiate the
light of our Savior within our darkened world.
                                In the "Spirit of Christ."
Pastor Blaine

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