Saturday, January 10, 2015

Pastor’s Thoughts

The adage *how time flies* certainly is apropos to 2014 as it is for
almost every year.  As one advances in age the faster the days, weeks,
and years pass. When I was in high school my thought was the year 2000
would take forever to arrive but when it occurred I said* that was
quick" My years are now counted by my grandchildren, one will be a
freshman in this New Year, another only a few years away and the last
one will be in pre-school.
*Much in our world is occurring at rapid speed; one event headlines the
daily news, only to be replaced by the next dramatic event. From Ebola
to Isis, Hong Kong, North Korea, Iran, Iraq and Syria, to places in the
United States, Ferguson, MO, and Midwest snow storms, and southeast
tornadoes to Congress and politics.
  *What I’ve learned is that this New Year will probably mirror 2014.
One can expect the unexpected. More wars and rumors of war, famine,
sickness, strange weather patterns, pain, suffering and uncurtaining
will abound.  The one assurance that I have is that God is faithful
through all seasons, events and trials.  I can trust in God*s love, care
and peace to sustain me.
*So what does 2015 have in store for me and you?  I don*t know, but I do
know who holds the future and life is worth living because Jesus Christ
lives and reigns.
*May 2015 bring more opportunities to serve our Savior and Lord.

Pastor Blaine

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