Friday, February 13, 2015

From the Secretary

Wonder of wonders, the Annual Meeting of 2015 was so snappy quick,
taking care of necessary business, that I made it easily to my stint at
the Welcome Center with time to spare.  Thank you Lynn and Blaine!  It
is nice to have church business running smoothly so we can focus on
important issues, such as thanking Mary Zach for her faithful teaching
of Sunday School, the Mission Committee for expert handling of raising
funds and outreach, Joan for years of service on the Board, and Aaron
for deft handling of technology and church music needs.
Both Jan Zach and Patti Bohlen were nominated and chosen for the Church
Board, with Jan later elected President to replace Lynn Handy (who did a
fine job this past year).  The group congregated for the monthly meeting
so quickly that the Pastor missed it.  They then had to meet again to
arrange for the Valentine*s Day Fellowship Dinner at Valentino*s this
month (look for sign-up sheet after the service), and a Children*s
Message to be conducted by various members of the congregation at the
Sunday services,
Please note that in the Annual Report booklet Elizabeth Hartnett*s name
needs to be added to the Mission Committee, and Shirley Lawton*s phone
number needs to be changed to 402-217-2216.
On the 8th of February the children*s Sunday school class will be making
cards for Valentine*s Day by cutting, stamping, gluing, embossing.  If
you know of a child who would like to join in, please bring them to
Church by 8:45 a.m.
And finally, please join in an interesting Bible Study and potluck on
the second and fourth Sunday at 5 p.m. (or as announced in the
bulletin). We are reading a booklet on Oswald Chambers and his interest
in how we pray.**
               From Marcia Little, Board Secretary

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