Sunday, March 8, 2015

From The Secretary

A traditional rite of hope and faith for the approaching springtime:
ordering seeds for the coming garden season.  Looking ahead to warm
sunshine and chirpy birds, turning soil, lively colorful blossoms, the
smells of grass and sweaty labor with the yard tools.  I want
hollyhocks, to stand tall and sway in the breeze, as well as for
experimental fiber dyeing, and zinnias, too, in honor of the dog (named
Zinnia), as well as for their lively colors, and more experimenting with
dyeing fiber.  I am going to attend to my plants this year, instead of
letting them keel over from lack of attention.
*The church also looks forward to spring by celebrating our Christian
faith in our activities, first thanking St. Patrick for ridding Ireland
of snakes by a fellowship after the service on Sunday, March 15th.  On
Palm Sunday, the 29th, Jan Zach will be at the griddle for the Pancake
Breakfast (be advised to bring a supplemental dish for all to enjoy). 
Then on the 2nd of April, Maundy Thursday, at 7 p.m., there is the Seder
meal lovingly prepared by Pastor Blaine.  All this leads to the Easter
Service on April 5th, a special moment to glorify and thank the Lord for
his sacrifice because of his love of mankind, the special, colorful
human beings he holds in his infinite grasp, a bouquet of a different
order than what is planted in our garden, but which He holds so dearly
for God*s glory.
*So be ready for the sights, smells, and touch of spring, the Lenten
sacrifice gnawing in the stomach, wafting odors of bacon and syrup, a
slithering snake disappearing in the bushes, an ascetic meal that
prepares our hearts for worship, or a brilliant light shining down upon
us.  Praise and thank the Lord.
  From Marcia Little, Board Secretary

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