Saturday, April 11, 2015

From the Secretary

The Treasurer will be sending a donation to the Movie Ministry at
Oakridge Valley United Methodist Church in memory of Chuck Behr, a late
member of our own congregation.
May Baskets will be a project coming up, so look for news about
opportunities to help with this outreach.  Phyllis Layman will be
lending a deft hand at their arrangement, as she has beautifully done so
in the past.  Possibly after the service on the 26th of April there will
be a small workshop for assembling about 50 of them.
On May 10th, ladies be prepared to be regaled by a Mother*s Day
Breakfast, prepared by the men of the congregation before the service,
as another time for fellowship and merrymaking.
Do you have a Letter of Transfer you would like to give to Pastor
Blaine?  A special day of recognition may be in the offing.
From Marcia Little, Board Secretary

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