Monday, August 3, 2015

Pastor’s Thoughts

Summer has arrived.  Hot and Hotter!
I grew up in the desert of East Washington, Richland to be exact where
95 to 105 was a common temperature for July, August and maybe September,
but with little humidity.  Deserts are forbidding places for shade,
food, and is a hostile environment for most people.  Yet when the Lord
God got angry with his people following the modeling of a gold calf He
sent them on a journey in the wilderness for forty years until all who
had participated died.  Jesus went to be tempted of Satan in the
wilderness, John the Baptist preached and roamed in deserts and many a
prophet found solace and sanctuary there.
*Desert environments in reality put us to the test of fully trusting in
the Lord for everything.  Need water? I’ll lead you to an oasis or speak
to a rock. Need food? I’ll supply it. Need shade for cooling down?  I’ll
provide a tree or bush now and then for you to rest under.  Wilderness
experiences will test our depending on the Lord for the essentials of
If you*re like me once in a while I feel like the Israelites wandering
in this dry and thirsty desert of life.  I’m thirsty, hungry, tired, and
needing to find an oasis with a spring.
It’s at that moment that the Lord Jesus Christ furnishes His living
water, a hungering for the word, and a place of shade and rest under the
shadow of the Almighty. If you’re experiencing a desert time in your
spiritual life cry out unto the Lord and He will supply and provide all
the refreshment you need.

Pastor Blaine

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