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   * December 17th Church Board Meeting

   *Everyone bring a plate of your favorite cookies or candies you like to make this time of year. We will be sharing with members who can't make it to church for the holidays.

*The Annual Meeting will be January 21st.  Joan Tiemeyer would like relevant reports by the end of December.

*Help share the joy of Christmas by participating in gift giving for  local children.  Mindy has set up the Tree of Dreams and Phyllis Layman, the other Christmas tree, so that we may find presents or give monetary donations to those in need of a burst of hope and love on Christmas day.

*Let's all remember to sign up for treats at Fellowship.

*After the first of the year we will be celebrating birthdays with a potluck early in each month.

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  1. Very nice blog. Great pictures! Thank you, Mindy.