Monday, August 15, 2011

Welcome to Percival

pcp 244

Pastor Blaine on church steps.

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pcp 246

North church yard showing water left along with debris.

pcp 247

Church basement showing mold and seep water.

pcp 248

Across the street from the church.

pcp 250

 Shirley Lawton’s house.

pcp 251

pcp 252

Road heading out of Percival from Shirley’s.

pcp 253

Elizabeth Hartnett’s home.

pcp 257

pcp 258

Barn spider  in new home at the Percival Post Office.

pcp 254

Sunset at a beautiful lake near Percival….not really, it’s looking west toward the Handy residence but if it weren’t for all the dead fish, logs, and other stuff covering the Interstate it would have been a gorgeous site!

pcp 259

pcp 260

Thank you Joan T. for sharing these photos with us.

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