Sunday, October 28, 2012

Harvest Festival

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Pastor Blaine started the evening off with two teams having to pass an apple behind their back to the next person in line.

pcp 11157

Then the last person had to drop their apple from behind their back into the bucket.

pcp 11158

Blaine is helping them get started.

pcp 11159

pcp 11160

Here we have some visiting going on while waiting for the fun to begin.

pcp 11161

Time to load up for the hay rack ride.

pcp 11162

pcp 11163

Ok, we made it back from the hayride, brrrr….it was cold! Now we’re coming in to warm up and receive our instructions from Blaine!

pcp 11164

pcp 11165

Too many pictures for one post, so stay tuned for more to come and see what Blaine has us doing next!

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  1. Looks like fun at Percival church. The picture of your sanctuary with the Christmas tree is so pretty.