Sunday, February 3, 2013

Student of the Month Garett Graham

Garett is the son of Erica and Terry Graham and grandson of Jerry and JoAnn Birkby.

First I would like to say thank you for remembering me last year, it really helped me start off my first semester at Peru State College.

I am a sophomore this year and am enjoying my time here. I have made many friends and memories that will last a life time.  What you may not know is I am on the football team at Peru.  Football is a true passion of mine but not the only reason I am going to school.  My reason for attending Peru State College is to get a degree in Elementary education, preferably to work with children with special needs.  I also plan to get my coaching certificate so I can be a football coach.

There are great things about college that I would like to share with the younger generation the first being with a college degree you are prepared to get a better job and second I encourage everyone to be involved in some sort of group.  Being on the football team has made me get out of my room and meet new people, now I have more friends than I can count.

I want to say thanks again for what the church is doing, the donations are much appreciated by me and the rest of the college students.  The money is very helpful and is being used wisely.  Thank you very much.


If you would like to send a note of encouragement, his address is:

Garett Graham

600 Hoyt St. DH1010

Peru, NE  68421

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