Saturday, March 8, 2014

This and That

*I so enjoyed the Valentine's Day gathering and was so glad to see all
the people who took the time to gather together.  It was great seeing
all of you and was nice to enjoy a meal after a long week working. 
Whoever had the idea had a great one.
  *As we were leaving I mentioned to Dean Handy how we were now
Methodists up in Omaha.  I figured he may find it interesting since he
is so devoted to his Methodist church in Nebraska City.  I can't
remember his exact words but basically what he said as part of the
conversation was how we all should focus on what we have in common
instead of what makes us different.
  *A couple weeks ago the sermon our Pastor gave started out about her
telling us how she had a conference call meeting with the various other
Methodist churches in town and some leaders.  At the end she asked why
one of the employees at one of these other churches was going around
saying some not so nice things about our church.  She got a lot of "that
shouldn't be" and similar remarks. No that shouldn't be.
*I know there are some differences between different churches and yes
some beliefs differ a bit from church to church.  Basically though
aren't they all trying to do the same thing.  Aren't most churches
sharing the news of Jesus Christ and trying to help their fellow man as
best they can?
*If that is the case all churches should be encouraging and helpful to
all the other churches they deal with.  I think it is just another
little piece of getting to that Peace on Earth.
   Paul Bennett

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