Monday, May 4, 2015

Pastor’s Thoughts



Mother's day is a special day honoring and celebrating the role of

mothers within the life of families, in nurturing and loving

unconditionally.  However, I would like to pay tribute to women that

have been a significant part of my life.

First my Mother Evelyn Swofford Pritchett Lee.  She's been gone nine

years now, but her love, life and memory continue to be reflected and

recalled almost everyday.  She was a fantastic waitress and sacrificed

much for her children; my sister and I later  two more sons from a

second marriage. She enjoyed dancing, made the most delicious Tacos,

sewed shirts and dresses that were one of a kind. Her receiving Christ

as Savior when she was fifty seven was a life changing decision.

Second,- "Susie" Pritchett who became a special person to two teenagers

who did not always appreciate her. But over the years we grew to love

her and she us.  Her insights, knowledge and advice were valuable in

many a situation.  She is a grandmother,a great grandmother  who is

enjoying the role again of being grandmother to a 2 year old grandson,

named  Charlie.

Third-My sister Nancy Stajduhar.  Like all siblings we had our issues

growing up, but as years passed while being miles apart we've grown

closer and appreciated the work that our Lord has called each of us to

engage in.

Next- Molly, my half- sister who was born while I was in college; so we

never had what you would call a brother-sister close relationship.  But

we love each other and it was with great joy that I celebrated her

becoming a mother two years ago to her son Charlie.  He was an answer to

many a prayer as is her husband Brian.

Then there is my wife Dale, forty four years of marriage, four children,

six grandchildren, twenty five moves, ten churches and more ups and

downs than a roller coaster. Through tragedies triumphs, joys and  sorrows,

sickness and health, thick and thin, better and worse we have

experienced it all and with the Lords help have come through it with a

faith that grows stronger.  At our wedding we had a song sung titled"

United We Stand Divided We Fall" it concludes by saying"Together you and

I." There are still challenges but "I love her more now."  Her beautiful

singing voice can bring tears to peoples eyes.

Elaine Wagenaar, my mother-in- law who has endured with grace. dignity

and strength more heart-ache than I'll  ever experience. While she

speaks little when she does you better listen and pay attention. She is

smart, funny, loves to read and has spent over forty years exploring her

families genealogy that on one side goes back over 900 years.

Larissa Joy Pritchett Travis, my daughter.  Her middle name " Joy" is

just that.  While she turned most of my hair gray in high school; today

she is a devoted wife and mother to four sons.  She allows me to

participate in my grandsons lives more than I deserve.

Tara Claiborne Pritchett, my daughter-in- law, who puts up with me

through no choice of her own (I came with the marriage) allows me to

drive  my grandchildren to school  and is a calming influence for the

family. She is smart and willing to do anything for the technically

challenged in-laws.

So on this Mother's Day I celebrate these special women who have and are

a part of this Pastors life.  I thank the Lord for each of them and

I would encourage everyone to take the time to do the  same.  It's never

too late to express your love, gratitude and appreciation  to the women

in your life and there is no better time to start than this Mother's Day.

Pastor Blaine

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