Sunday, June 28, 2020

June 28 Sunday Service

Service for June 28, 2020 

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Let us worship together in unity of purpose and faith

9:30 Welcome by pastor

9:33 Read Psalms 122

9:35 Sing/watch videos: “He Leadeth Me,” “In the Garden,” “Let There Be Peace on Earth” 

9:45 Pray for all the members of the Percival Church. Special concerns for Jim and Donna Glenn, Marcia Little, Nancy Newlon, Lynn and Barb Handy, Babe McCown, Arn Spears, Joan Tiemeyer, Phyllis Layman and her daughter Rhonda, Don Shipley, Mike Shipley, Denny and Connie (Penny’s brother), Pastor Blaine and his family, Mel Hurst, Dale Rogers, our world and communities. Thanksgiving prayer because Marcia is feeling much better!

10:00 Offering (Remember to mail it to Barb Handy). Sing the Doxology

10:05 Scripture- Philippians 1: 12-30

Message “Defense of the Gospel”

  1. Verses 12-14- Things which happen for the benefit of the Gospel Message
  2. Are people looking to God during this challenging time?
  3. Verses 15-17- Preaching of the Word for different purposes and motives!
  4. Verse 18- Rejoice in Christ. The Joy of the Lord is our strength.
  5. Verse 20- 24- We witness for Christ by how we live or die.
  6. Verse 25- Joy of our faith and salvation
  7. Verses 27-30- May our faith be stronger in the midst of struggles.

10:28 Benediction “The Lord Bless You and Keep You”

Read Psalms 23

Check back this week for more "How does your garden grow" photos!

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