Saturday, May 14, 2022

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Sunday Blessings! 

 Pray in the hard times, pray in the good times. Pray always.

           Good Morning!


Please pray for our country, our leaders, and our church.


Praise and Prayer Requests:

Roger Polsley, Amy and Patric Breekbill, Curtis Weston, Conrad Hall, Abby Fox Hazel, Jim Glenn, Donna Glenn, Marge Bennett, Andrew Heuberger, Rosemary Handy, Alesana Hastie, Pastor Donna, Mary Sherwood, Terry Gunderson, Carolyn Weston, Beth's mother, Tom Need, SA Ukrainian DHQ Christine and for the many unspoken prayer requests.

For donations to Ukraine, SAWSO is recommended.

May Birthdays:  10th Katie Johnson, 14th Rusty Raymond, 22nd Don Baker, and the 26th Betty Moyer.

Today's Sermon:  "P.R.A.Y."


Come Thou Almighty King

Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus

Higher Ground

Special Music, "Pray" by Sanctus Real

My Faith Looks Up to Thee



Last Sunday we enjoyed a very nice Mothers Day Brunch.  The tables were adorned with colorful geraniums and all the ladies were blessed to take one home afterwards.  I managed to take the following pictures to share.
  Betty and her daughter Sandy


Mary and sons, Greg and Gary and daughter Julie


Phyllis, her son Ted and his wife Bernadette

 Wava, Don and son Mike


Lynn and Barb




 Marcia and sister Kate

Pastor Donna and Mindy

Jerry and JoAnn

Larry and Betty

Joan and Mindy



 Old churches must not simply stand as monuments to the past but as spiritual grandparents that have invested in the future by passing on their life to others and releasing their offspring to form new congregations. ~ unknown


 Today's Sunday Church Share..


Picture via Pinterest


Percy's Tidbit

 Have a great week!



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